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Understanding Your Bill - GlobalXtreme Internet Service Provider

Understanding Your Bill

Understanding your bill

Providing a detailed guide on the structure and components of the bill, including explanations about GlobalXtreme service charges and taxes. Here, customers can obtain clear and useful information to assist in understanding and managing your GlobalXtreme service bills. Learn more.

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Billing Statement

Indicating the release date of the GlobalXtreme service bill, which is automatically generated. Any changes occurring after the bill release date will be included in the next billing cycle.


Bill Summary

Displaying information on the GlobalXtreme service components for the current billing period, including all activated packages and applicable taxes.


Internet Subscription Fee

Showing the total cost of the GlobalXtreme Internet subscription for the current billing period, including all activated packages.


Add Ons

Contains information regarding additional service fees chosen by the customer, beyond the GlobalXtreme Internet subscription package.


Amount Due

Indicates the total amount of the bill that the customer must pay, including all service and additional charges.



Provides a general summary of the entire bill, including the due date, user ID, and other important details.


Bills Details

Displays a more detailed breakdown of each component in the bill, including service charges, taxes, and others.


Virtual Account for Payment

Displays the Virtual Account number that customers must use to make payments for their GlobalXtreme bills.