Thank you for choosing GlobalXtreme. In order to continuously improve our services; we’re happy to announce that our new and upgraded Billing System is online as of today! Please take a few moments to help us help you to understand your new Billing Statement!

Your Billing Statement contains all of your billing information in a straight forward, simple and easy to understand summary. You can view your Billing Statement anytime by signing in into your Customer Portal. Stay tuned for more!

Understanding Your Bill ID

1. The Billing Date refers to the date to when your bill was generated. Any change of service or payments made after the date will appear on your next Billing Statement.

2. The Billing Period refers to the dates you’re being charged for. Any additional charges or payments past this period will appear on your next Billing Statement.

3. Your Previous Balance are charges accumulated on your last billing statement. Your payments for this Previous Billing Statement will be displayed in Payments Since Last Bill. You can see any remaining charges from your last Billing Statement in Balance Forwarded.

4. Your new charges accumulated over the billing period of this current Billing Statement. This includes your Subscription Fee, One-Time charges, Taxes, and Other Fees.

5. Summary of all your current bills and total amount due on this Billing Statement.

6. An Overview of your Billing Statement and your GlobalXtreme customer credentials.

7. A breakdown of all your bills and invoices.

8. Your BCA Virtual Account details.