Fiber Optics



The proposed network will be supplied as a turnkey operation. GlobalXtreme will provide all fiber-optic and splicing materials, labor, engineering, quality control, testing, and project management necessary to make this project a reality. Upon agreement signature, our project implementation team will immediately set up a kick-off meeting with all participants to review a complete statement of work, determine implementation responsibilities, and develop a full project plan with scheduled dates for each step in the process.


1. Repair any damage to the fiber – all restoration is included in the cost of the network.
2. Absorb all make-ready charges, applications and ongoing fees for pole attachments and permits throughout the life of the contract.
3. Work with the city, county and state agencies to relocate and rebuild the fiber plant every time a road is built or widened. These costs are completely covered by GlobalXtreme.
4. Maintain all of the outside plant, including preventative maintenance.


GlobalXtreme customers are connected to our network via network electronics and channels of fiber-optic strands dedicated for their use. Data segregation within our network ensures your traffic is not switched or routed with other customers’ data.


GlobalXtreme fiber-optic connections provide a connectivity platform that will meet our clients’ existing and future connectivity needs. The proposed network was designed to accommodate advancements in connectivity and application without modifications to the network infrastructure.


The network will be proactively monitored 24/7 by GlobalXtreme Network Operations Center. All warranty, maintenance, repairs, and troubleshooting of the network is covered in the monthly recurring service charge. GlobalXtreme provides a dedicated call-out procedure with local metro area technical assistance for any troubles on the network. If necessary fiber repair crews will be dispatched locally to respond to any fiber issues.


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